GNSS PPK support for drone mapping, V-Map

GNSS Basics for Beginners in Drone Mapping

GNSS Basics for Beginners in Drone Mapping    I think it is fair to assume that a significant number of drone owners have very little grasp of the importance of, and the role that Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are playing in assisted flight and automated navigation. The reliability of orientation sensors, GNSS, powerful computers […]

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ICT Update

Making maps with Small Drones – 5 Steps

Until very recently the acquisition of aerial imagery was very expensive as it could only be done by manned aircraft or satellites equipped with special cameras or sensors. The high safety risks, operational complexity and acquisition and operational costs of these mapping techniques made them completely uneconomic for small projects such as mapping a single village or […]

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Micro Aerial Projects third World Bank Conference

Micro Aerial Projects third World Bank Conference Three years ago (2013), Micro Aerial Projects L.L.C. first attended the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty giving a paper with Dr. Grenville Barnes of the University of Florida and Kevin Barthel of the Land Alliance titled “Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to democratize spatial data production: […]

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drone2GIS Mine

Surveying with drone2GIS Inc.

Drone2GIS offers a safe, efficient and accurate alternative approach to the conventional surveying method employed in open cast mines, quarries and stock yards for data acquisition. Through the employment of Unmanned Aerial Systems, Drone2GIS delivers precise, high accuracy ortho-photos, digital terrain models and virtual realities. With these products, we can extract features and positions to […]

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Bateleur UAV in the skies


A new species recently sighted in the American skies… Name: Bateleur (belongs to the Pixhawk family) Color: White with yellow wingtips, distinctive black spot on chest Habitat: Over fields, farms and towns anywhere on the North American Continent Flight Characteristics: Flies automatically in straight lines and graceful circles Call: Faint humming with occasional beeps Habits: […]

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Virtual Surveyor product created by Micro Aerial Projects

Virtual Surveyor Tools

What to do with those millions of triangles defining the geometry of an Urban Environment? Enter the Virtual Surveyor Tools. An all too often underestimated step in the workflow of a UAV mapping operation is the extraction of features of interest in vector format. Structure from Motion and Lidar give us unprecedented density in point […]

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mapping in Albania

Dispatch from Tirana, Albania

We at Micro Aerial Projects are very happy to continue our work with the World Bank in Albania where we are mapping and modelling with small UAVs. Today we completed our 49th flight over the quickly developing peri-urban landscapes on the fringes of Tirana. It all went without a hitch.  We are really excited about […]

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