Post-Disaster Assessment and Recovery, Insurance Estimations

Post Disaster Assessment anywhere in the world with Micro Aerial Projects and the V-Map System

Whether struck by natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, fires or wind, or by man made disasters of pollution, spills or other damage, Micro Aerial Projects and the V-Map system can help you survey, map and model the extent of the damage so you can make immediate plans for recovery as well as prepare insurance estimations.  A small UAV can maneuver at lower altitudes to safely have a close look at the extent of damage, search for survivors and facilitate on the spot decision making.

earthquake damage in mirabello, italy

(3D model of earthquake damaged church in Mirabello, Italy)

uav surveying  of earthquake damageimmediate assessment of uav aerial photography

(Above: Left: extensive earthquake damage in Mirabello, Italy, deemed too hazardous and risky for any other means of close inspection than by small uav; Right: Walter discussing with the Mayoress of Mirabello ways the small uav can photograph different angles inside and outside the structure)


earthquake damage, mirabello, italyearthquake damage, Italy

(Above: Left: one angle of the earthquake damaged church in Mirabello, Italy, as photographed by the small drone; Right: a closer look by the small UAV at the damage to the upper structure)


surveying earthquake damage in ferraro italysurveying a collapsed building

(Above: inspecting a collapsed building with a small drone/UAV)


surveying fireenvironmental assessment

(Above: assessing damage from fire and pollution)

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