Energy Infrastructure Inspections

Energy Infrastructure Inspections anywhere in the world with Micro Aerial Projects and the V-Map System

Here are a few examples of what Micro Aerial Projects can do for you in the field of energy infrastructure inspection.  Small uavs can give you a live, overall view of your infrastructure, providing you the immediate opportunity to choose which areas you would like to more closely inspect.  Because small uavs are cheaper to use than traditional inspection methods, you have the opportunity to view your infrastructure on demand at different times and under different light conditions.  The high resolution imagery also allows for more detailed on screen views.

solar panel inspection

Cost savings, on demand solar panel inspection and monitoring….

solar panel inspection

Safe and quick inspections of wind turbines…

wind turbine inspection

While watching live, high resolution video imagery,  decisions can be quickly made as to the need for additional angles of inspection.  The maneuverability of small uavs allows them to safely access views which may be in challenging areas to access.


wind turbine inspection

Power line inspections in areas extremely challenging and risky to access by other means.

powerline inspection


powerline inspections with uavs

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