Bateleur UAV in the skies


A new species recently sighted in the American skies…

Bateleur UAV in the skies

Name: Bateleur (belongs to the Pixhawk family)
Color: White with yellow wingtips, distinctive black spot on chest
Habitat: Over fields, farms and towns anywhere on the North American Continent
Flight Characteristics: Flies automatically in straight lines and graceful circles
Call: Faint humming with occasional beeps
Habits: Effortlessly flies for up to 40 minutes with 650g of prey before landing on any ground surface
Other characteristics: Sharp eyes, hardy, intelligent, easily tamed and trained for multitude of tasks

First sighted in the US by Walter ( and Oliver ( Volkmann

                                                                            Now, how easy is this?

Oliver Volkmann planning a uav flight mission with the Bateleur uavthe new Bateleur uav
configure the automated flight in comfort or on the spot…                  easy on the ground setup…

preparing to launch the Bateleur uavreleasing the Bateleur uav for its automated flight
         flight sequence 1: pull back…                                                        flight sequence 2: release

Bateleur UAV up and into the airthe Bateleur on its pre-programmed, automated flight
     flight sequence 3: free and up into the air….                         flight sequence 4: pre-programmed flight under way…

…and we have RESULTS! 

results from the automated Bateleur uav flight

more details coming soon from


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