Accuracy for All

Accuracy for All: Community Land Mapping and the Navigation Satellite Revolution Join us tomorrow, December 5th 2018 at 12:30PM Eastern Standard Time for a panel discussion on the democratization of property surveying through the developing world. Thanks to advances in technology and the ever improving accuracy of satellite navigation in mobile devices, more people are able […]

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Drones, Dual Frequency GNSS, SfM and Property Surveys

In April of 2017, Walter Volkmann (President – Micro Aerial Projects L.L.C.) gave a presentation at Harvard University for the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and Center for Geographic Analysis on the use of Dual Frequency GNSS and the Structure from Motion (SfM) technique. As a seasoned land-surveyor, Walter has worked around the globe on various mapping projects for private […]

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Drone Mapping Capacity Development – The Philippines

Walter Volkmann (CEO / Micro Aerial Projects L.L.C.) is currently in the Philippines providing Drone Mapping Capacity Development! Beneficiaries of this training include the Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF), the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and various other organizations and individuals. Using drones for mapping increases the efficiency and speed at which actionable data […]

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Technology for Property Rights

Small Drone Cadastral Surveys

Small Drone Cadastral Surveys for Establishment of Property Rights (See mini-documentary below): In April 2016 Micro Aerial Projects L.L.C. participated in the “Technology for Property Rights”  project managed by Foundation for Economic Freedom and The Asia Foundation with support from the Omidyar Network. This project aims to introduce sustainable technology which can accelerate the generation of land titles. Currently […]

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ICT Update

Making maps with Small Drones – 5 Steps

Until very recently the acquisition of aerial imagery was very expensive as it could only be done by manned aircraft or satellites equipped with special cameras or sensors. The high safety risks, operational complexity and acquisition and operational costs of these mapping techniques made them completely uneconomic for small projects such as mapping a single village or […]

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Reporting Horizontal Errors in SfM Mapping

Fully appreciating the powerful role played by the Structure from Motion (SfM) technique in the mapping revolution, we understand that embedded in the fiber of an SfM produced map are some very important quality characteristics which, when not specifically disclosed and effectively displayed, will remain hidden to the user of the map. These characteristics can […]

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V-map White Paper

MAPPING WITHOUT GROUND CONTROL: NOW YOU CAN! Micro Aerial Projects L.L.C. is proud to announce that we have officially published our White Paper (Mapping without Ground Control) and launched our V-map System website at during this years UAS Reno conference. With the V-map system we are able to produce accurate maps from UAV imagery without the […]

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Educating Future Surveyors

Micro Aerial Projects L.L.C. and drone2GIS Inc., (a licensed mapping company based in Gainesville Florida) have partnered over the past few months to assist the University of Florida’s Geomatics department with their UAS Certificate program. This collaboration brings both real world UAS mapping operation experience and decades of Surveying and Mapping experience to help educate future surveyors […]

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Micro Aerial Projects third World Bank Conference

Micro Aerial Projects third World Bank Conference Three years ago (2013), Micro Aerial Projects L.L.C. first attended the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty giving a paper with Dr. Grenville Barnes of the University of Florida and Kevin Barthel of the Land Alliance titled “Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to democratize spatial data production: […]

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